Do I Need A Website Care Plan? Why Is It Important?

by | Jul 21, 2022

Your website is a little bit like a car. You can drive it until your heart is content, but eventually, it will stop working. Why? Most likely you run out of fuel, Maybe your tyre blows. Possibly your car needs an oil change. While I’m not a car expert, this is example can be used as an analogy for a website. A website is commonly thought of as a set-and-forget type of deal, however, this could not be further from the case.

A website, like a car, needs to be cared for in order to function effectively. If you leave a website un-cared for, eventually, something will go wrong. Similarly to the car analogy, there are a whole host of things that can go wrong. Not to mention that out-dated plugins make your site a more vulnerable target for hackers.

In order for a website to be effective long-term, a website care plan is absolutely necessary to protect your investment.

What if I decide to go on a website care plan?

Firstly, your site will be far less at risk from hackers because all of your plugins and themes (softwares) will be up-to-date and running at their optimal level.

Google will like your site more too, allowing it to rank higher on the search engine.

Your site will be quicker too, increasing the chances of conversions. How many times have you decided to close the tab of a slow website because you’ve already waited for so long for the site to open.

If something happens to your site, a backup will be stored.

As previously mentioned, many things can go wrong with a website. If that happens, and technical support is required, you will have a professional ready to help to fix your issue.

If you would like to make content changes, you developer will be able to tweak and change things to your liking each month.

All-in-all, a website care plan is peace of mind for your investment.


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